As part of your healing process, I feel it is important that you know and understand what services I offer. Massage has many modalities, and I may use a combination of all or some of those modalities in a session.


Please do not hesitate to ask questions about these services.



Swedish Massage

Refresh and relax. This massage promotes relaxation and overall well-being. It is done over entire body, and uses long gliding and circular movements.


Deep Tissue

A massage that gets down to the root of the issue. This massage typically concentrates on one area of the body to work out the problem within that area. Pressure from fingers, elbows, or tools are applied.


Depending on the client, I may also use elements from the following massage styles: Lymphatic Massage, Pregnancy, Senior Massage, Infant Massage...ect.



30 Minute Massage (Deep Tissue/Swedish)

Stop in for a quick refresh and restore your Mojo, with this 30 minute session.



60 Minute Massage (Deep Tissue/Swedish)

Tension or Stress?  De-stress and work out the kinks with this 60 minute session.



90 Minute Massage (Deep Tissue/Swedish)

The ultimate session for those that who wish for deep relaxation.



"Mojo" for Migraines/Headaches

Problems with reoccuring migraines or headaches?  This session focuses on the neck, upper back, shoulders, and head.

$45.00     45 Min - 60 Min




Curious about Reiki, and its background?  Visit the Reiki Page for more info!


60 Minute Session*

Have you been feeling out of balance? This session can help restore emotional and physical well-being.




* please allow an extra 15 min before and after the session for this service. (ex. If you have selected a 60 min session, please plan for 1 and 1/2 Hours. )


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